TUACA Hispanic Communication Strategy



Before launching the campaign, we conducted focus groups with Hispanic consumers in key markets in Colorado and Texas. From the research, we uncovered key information, similarities and differences from our target in each state that we could leverage in the campaign. For example, new generation Hispanics have shown the ability to blend and impact the American culture while not compromising the cultural essence defining who they are as people. They are authentic to their roots. Just like our brand their traditions and heritage still run deep.

Embracing those insights, we used ‘Flavors’ and ‘Heritage’ as our key pillars to connect our brand to our target. TUACA carries a recipe created 500 years ago by two brothers-in-law during the Italian Renaissance. The liquor’s authentic, rich flavors have been passed through generations.

Developing a concept that was relevant to Hispanics was critical to driving awareness and trial. So with this, we introduced a concept called, ‘Flavors Run Deep’, a fully- integrated campaign involving retail, radio, social media and out-of-home.


Our sponsored ads had more than one million impressions in Facebook in about a one month period. Our social media campaign had an engagement rate: 6.98% (Industry average 2–3 %).

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Date: 30.07.2015